15 Plus World Famous Noodles.

15 Plus World Famous Noodles.

Noodle is one of the popular staple food all over the world. Two nationalities claim the inventions of the food are from their country. Both Chinese and Italians are claiming the invention honor of noodles.

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Noodle is one of the popular staple food all over the world. Two nationalities claim the inventions of the food are from their country. Both Chinese and Italians are claiming the invention honour of noodles. But according to the deep research on noodle invention, history proves the pieces of evidence that noodles were first made in China. Earlier, noodles were called “Main pian” in China, formed in mall pieces created from bread dough boiled in boiling water. Noodles were invented in China with the influence of Bread China. The Chines noodle was distributed to the West through the voyages of Marco Polo. Italy claims to be the noodle inventor as there had been cultivations of durum wheat in the East. Noodles have cultural significance related to Chinese culture. They eat noodles during the Lunar new year and their birthdays in China. Eating noodles symbolizes good health and longevity. There are different types of noodles available in the market.

Types of Noodles.

Spaghetti Noodles.

Spaghetti is a noodle type which is cooked in different ways. Spaghetti belongs to the category of Pasta noodles. Other types of spaghetti are available in the market, which vary with their thickness and standards. Spaghetti includes Aglio e plio and carbonara.

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Udon Noodles.

Udon is a Japanese staple noodle type which is commonly eaten in Japan. Udon noodle comes in the shape of a tubular, and it is made of water, wheat flour and salt. In earlier times, Udon was in the form of a dumpling more than a long noodle. The dough of Udon noodles is difficult. Udon is a different type of noodle than regular noodles.

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Cavatappi Noodles.

Cavatappi is an Italian noodle type which is known by various names. Corkscrew, Cellentani, Amori, Tortiglione and Spirali are the other names for this noodle. Cavatappi is used in Pasta recipes combined with tomato sauce. Baked meals and salads are the main foods that make with Cavatappi.

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Capellini Noodles.

Capellini is an Italian Pasta that comes in the noodle category. Capellini is a thin noodle that takes two to three minutes to cook. The Capellini pasta noodle can be cooked with meatballs and tomato sauce. Also, Pomodoro sauce twin with Capellini noodles.

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Lo Mein and Cho Mein Noodles.

Lo Mein and Cho Mein are two different noodles cooked in other recipes, but both are made using the same ingredients wheat flour and egg. In China, Guangdong province Lo mien has got much popularity. The noodle can be combined with meat and vegetables after the noodle gets boiled. Chow Mein has its authentic importance, and it is a popular traditional dish that has been in Chinese restaurants since the 1850s.

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Ramen Noodles.

Ramen noodles are famous Japanese egg noodles around the world. The noodle is made with Wheat flour and eggs. There are many ramen recipes that you can try, and this noodle is also used to make soups.

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Rice Stick Noodles.

Rice Stick Noodles are frequently sold noodle types in the market. It is broad and thin, and transparent in appearance. Rice  Stick noodles are used to prepare noodle soups, salads and stir-fries.

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Flat Rice Noodles.

Flat Rice noodles are more contained in pad Thai. Unlike the other rice noodle types, flat rice noodles are broader. Flat Rice noodles are made of Rice flour, and water, tapioca or cornstarch are added to them while preparing them to make them more chewable.

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Hokkien Noodles.

Hokkien Noodles are made with wheat flour and egg. This is a typical noodle type used for Asian Dishes. The familiar dishes prepared using Hokkien Noodles are Curry noodle dishes, noodle soups and stir-fried noodle meals. The Hokkien noodle has a thick texture and appears bright yellow.

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Wonton Noodles.

Wonton Noodles is a native noodle in Guangdong province in China. Currently, the distribution of Wonton noodles is in Singapore, Thailand and Malesia. You can prepare a Wonton Noodle dish using the ingredients like grilled meat, chilis, chives and green onions. Most often, wonton noodle is cooked with spicy flavours.

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Mung Bean Thread Noodles.

The other names used to call Mung Bean Thread Noodles are glass noodles or Cellophanes. This name is Mung Bean Thread Noodles because they are transparent and formed like threads. When Mung Bean Thread Noodles are fully cooked, they appear to be delicate strings. It is easy to cut them when they are soaked or boiled in hot water. Another importance of Mung Bean Thread Noodles is that they swell out when fried.

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Mei Fun Noodles.

Mei Fun is a rice noodle type made with rice flour and water. Mei fun is a good dish for a gluten-free diet. The origin of Mei Fun is China, and it is a popular dish in Asian Cuisines at present. The noodles should be rehydrated in hot water before making dishes. Mei fun is soft, and they absorb water well.

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Yi Mein Noodles.

Yi Mein is a food item typically served in Chinese New Year celebrations. Yi Mein has a traditional significance in representing longevity. Having a bowl of Ye Mein is like drinking the elixir of life. Other names used to call Yi Mein are e-fu, Yi fu, Yi mein and Cantonese egg noodles. The yi mein noodles are three feet long and made of wheat flour.

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Dungeon Noodles.

There are two types of ingredients used to prepare Dangmyeon Noodles. The regular Dangmyeon noodles are made of wheat and rice flour, but the Korean Dangmyeon is made of water, salt and sweet potato starch. The origin of Dangmyeon is Chinese cuisine, and at present, it is more prevalent in Korea.

Silver Needle Noodles.

Rat noodles and runny nose vermicelli are the other names used o call Silver Needle noodles. The invention of the silver noodle is in Hong Kong, and at present, it is famous everywhere in the world.

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Biang Biang Noodles.

The origin of Biang Biang noodles is Shanxi in China. This noodle type has a different look, with things in long and flat forms. This is a delicate noodle which is also called the name belt noodle.

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