Did You Want to Know Top 15 Pastas in the World

Did You Want to Know Top 15 Pastas in the World.

Pasta is a food that is popular all over the world. There are different variations of kinds of Pasta in the world. Pasta is made of unleavened dough of wheat flour or cornmeal, buckwheat, grain wheat, and rice flour mixed with water and eggs.

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Pasta is a food that is popular all over the world. There are different variations of kinds of Pasta in the world. Pasta is made of unleavened dough of wheat flour or cornmeal, buckwheat, grain wheat, and rice flour mixed with water and eggs. Different types of Pasta do not use eggs to make the dough. Pasta can be prepared in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. There are kinds of Pasta in different shapes and forms. The Pasta should be boiled and cooked or baked with the ingredients like sauce, cheese, veggies and meat. Pasta is available in dry (pasta secca) and fresh (pasta fresca)forms. To cook Pasta it will take different periods and temperatures.

History of Pasta.

The origin of Pasta is Italy. The pasta was first explored in the 13th century by Marco Polo. Before the birth of Pasta in Italy, noodle-like food was prepared in China, but they were not called Pasta. From the origin of Italy, Pasta has been distributed almost among all the countries in the world. At present, there are different types of Pasta available in the market. Currently, Italians eat more than sixty pounds of Pasta per person, while in America, American s eat Twenty pounds proper person per year.

Pasta can be categorized into different sorts. Some categories include long pasts, short Pasta, filled pasts, speciality pasta and dumplings. The textures, tastes and ways of presenting Pasta have variations. There are more than 30 different types of Pasta in the world, and 15 types of them are as follows.

  • Macaroni.

The Macaroni comes with an elbow shape. Therefore, the Macaroni is called “elbow pasta, ” made as tubes. Because of its tube form, the sauce holds with the Pasta well. Macaroni is a famous pasta among both kids and adults. Macaroni powerfully combines with soups and casseroles.

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  • Ravioli.

For those who love-filled and stuffed Pasta, the best option you can have is Ravioli. The Ravioli pasta is made in a square shape and cuts in circles. Cheese, meat and vegetables can be used to stuff and fill type Pasta.

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  • Orzo.

Orzo belongs to the category of short-cut kinds of Pasta. The form of Orzo pasta can not hold onto sauces. Therefore, it is ideal for soups and pasta salads. Most often, people mistake Orzo for rice.

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  • Spaghetti Pasta.

Spaghetti Pasta belongs to the category of lengthy kinds of Pasta, and it is the most common Pasta type that people prefer. Spaghetti Pasta is more common among Americans, and spaghetti pasta is made with tomato-based sauce like Mariana. The Spaghetti pasta is thick and thinner. Since kinds of spaghetti are very famous in the United States, January 4th is announced as the national spaghetti day in the United States.

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  • Cavatelli.

The Cavatelli is a slight pasta variation that comes in shells or hot dog buns. The ingredients used to make Cavatelli pasta are water, salt and semolina flour. The egg has not used to make Pasta. Therefore, this pasta type can easily be made at home. This Pasta can be made using sauce and garnished with garlic or broccoli.

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  • Orecchiette.

Orecchiette is a concave shape pasta that appears in ear shape. This Pasta is unique among the other pasta types because of its body. It takes a lot of sauce to prepare Orecchiette. Greens and veggies are the food combinations that go with Orecchiette. The pasta Orecchiette has got this name from the Italy word “orecchie”, which means “little ear”.

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  • Gnocchi.

Gnocchi is made of mashed potatoes, and it is not standard Pasta. The smashed potatoes are mixed with flour and eggs. The Gnocchi pasta can be cooked with tomato sauce and savoury sauces. Also, some use butter sauce and cheese sauce.

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  • Manicotti.

Manicotti is as similar to cannelloni pasta except for its end cuts of angles. This is a Pasta type that can be prepared with the fillings of ricotta cheese and can be served with and eaten. Also, mozzarella cheese is used to prepare Manicotti Pasta. The Manicotti pasta can be cooked as cheesy. You can make this Pasta in different flavours by staffing various ingredients.

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  • Farfalle.

Farfalle is a famous pasta among pasta lovers because of its unique shape. This Pasta comes in the form of a bow tie. Therefore this Pasta is also called bow tie pasta, and some people call this shape butterflies. The Italian meaning of the word Farfalle is “Butterflies”. Kids love to eat farfalle pasta because of its shape, and this Pasta makes a good combination with cream sauces.

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  • Penne.

Penne is a pasta type that belongs to the short category of Pasta. The Penne pasta has a unique and distinctive shape with narrow tubed Pasta with ridges. This is Pasta that is popular among all pasta lovers without any age limit. The Penne pasta is made in baked with pasta dishes and casseroles.

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  • Gemelli.

Gemelli is a twisted pasta that comes in a tricky slight pasta shape. This Pasta has this name as it appears like two strings or two twisted ropes. Tomato and creamy sauces are the most often used sauces to prepare Gemelli. Also, Pasta salads are made with Gemelli.

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  • Pastina.

Pastina is the tiniest pasta type in the world. Pastina pasta comes in different shapes. Because of its little look and the other forms, this is a famous pasta among Italian kids. This Pasta can be cooked as a soup with cheese and tossing of butter. 

  • Rotelle.

The Rotelle pasta got its name from the Italian meaning of “little wheels”. The shape of the Rotelle pasta is funny and attractive, and it comes with smaller wheels. This pasta type is ideal for pasta salads and pasta soups. As the Pasta is tiny and has smaller holes, it can fill the ingredients well. Therefore its “spokes” will be more than the other pasta types.

  • Conchiglie.

Conchiglie pasta is available in different sizes with the shape of a shell. The shell form is perfect for stuffing the ingredients. Cheese and sauce can quickly load into the bodies and cook this food very tasty. Any sauce goes with Conchiglie pasta.

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  • Tortellini.

Tortellini pasta is prepared by stuffing cheese and meat. This Pasta belongs to the pasta category of stuffed kinds like dumplings. The Tortellini kinds of Pasta appear in the shapes of little doughnuts or fortune cookies. Due to its form, this can be cooked quickly as a stuffed pasta or used to make pasta soup.

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